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We envision surf charters all over the world, wherever there is flat water that is at least 25 feet deep. Places like the Mediterranean Sea, all around Florida, the Gulf Coast, Key West, the Virgin Islands, the Great Lakes, etc. where surfers can surf perfect waves on demand.

The cost should be significantly less than surfing at those upcoming wave parks because the only new technology is the hull shape and we don't have to create wave pools! Any operator can purchase our blueprints and license, then operate a charter on his own terms.

And the wave is endless. At a surf park, you will be lucky to spend 4 minutes of wave face time for who knows how much money. With our wave machine you can ride for miles or for as long as your legs hold out!

We are inviting 1 or more key partners to join us in this dream and fund our projects. We are hoping to get started with The Next Prototype and The Holy Grail in Southern California.


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