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Look around any harbor and you will see hundreds of 30 to 50 foot yachts and fishing boats. These boats are generally only good for two things, cruising and fishing.

With our special hull that turns an ordinary boat into a "surf boat", the boat owner can cruise, fish and surf perfect waves on demand. The size of the wave depends on the size of the boat. A 40 foot yacht can produce a 5 foot wave. A 48 foot yacht can produce a 6 foot wave.

The only disadvantage to a surf boat is that the top speed and fuel efficiency will be slightly diminished compared to a standard boat of similar size.

The cost of buying a surf boat will actually be about the same as buying a commercial fishing boat. The hull has a special shape and contains water ballast tanks. It also requires a more powerful engine. To compensate for these increased costs the owner/surfer can forgo some of the luxury items on board, and end up spending the same amount of money.

In fact, for a boat enthusiast who is also a surfer who was going to buy a yacht anyway, the cost of a wave machine is close to zero. He gets all of the benefits of cruising and fishing that he was going to get anyway, and also now gets to ride endless perfect waves whenever he wants.

Of course, to make this happen, we need to sell and license our design to existing yacht builders. We plan to market our concept after our prototypes are built and fully tested.

As avid surfers here at milelongwave, we look around our local harbor and simply can't believer our eyes. All of these big boats, all of this money invested, and for what? Just cruising and fishing? You've got to be kidding! Every one of them could have been designed for surfing too.

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