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Welcome to, a website dedicated to the development of floating wave machines designed to produce the biggest and highest qualify artificial surfing waves second only to that well known wave pool located at Lemoore, California. We are a start-up company looking for 1 or more key partners who will fund our projects, surf with us, benefit 100% in the initial tax write-offs, and share in the future royalty income over the next 20 years.

The wave produced by our wave machine is long and fast, similar to surfing Rincon Point in Santa Barbara County or Malibu Point in Los Angeles County. At slower speeds, the wave becomes hollow enough for barrel riding. At faster speeds the wave becomes a  perfect wall of water supporting most surfing maneuvers including nose riding and bottom turns for long boarders; and endless pumping, floaters, off the lips and aerials for short boarders.

It is the perfect surf alternative to long flat spells or crowded conditions, and provides a great opportunity to practice and improve your surfing skills, and to test new equipment.

Our wave machine is actually a special, patent pending, heavy lower hull that extends from the bottom of a large skiff style boat. It's precision shape and contour results in a beautiful surfable wave face far behind the transom. The main distinction of our patent pending design is that the wave breaks much farther back when compared to the top-of-the-line wakeboard boats that are used for that purpose today. It is a powerful, vertical wave face that is indistinguishable from a quality wave you would ride at Malibu Point or Rincon Point.

This is a step up from wake surfing as you may already be familiar with. You don't need to use a special wide flat surfboard. This is a quality wave where you will want to use your favorite surfboard to practice a variety of maneuvers that you would perform at you favorite point break.

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