Perfect, on demand, uncrowded surf

We have invented a patent pending floating wave machine that produces a perfect wave with a long clean wave face and curl, similar to a wave that you would ride at Malibu Point in Los Angeles County.

The wave is endless and the machine costs about 1/100th the cost of developing a wave park. We are looking for one or more key partners to help develop our concept. Please scroll below the video for more information.

Just 2 or 3 sessions behind our wave machine can advance your surfing skills from intermediate to advanced or from advanced to expert.

The following video shows the results of our 1 to 12 scale prototype. The surfer is riding 33 feet behind the wave machine and the wave face is 4.5 feet high.



Welcome to, a website dedicated to the development of floating wave machines designed to produce the biggest and highest qualify artificial surfing waves second only to that well known wave pool located at Lemoore, California. We are a start-up company looking for 1 or more key partners who will fund our projects, surf with us, benefit 100% in the initial tax write-offs, and share in the future royalty income over the next 20 years.

The wave produced by our wave machine is long and fast, similar to surfing Rincon Point in Santa Barbara County or Malibu Point in Los Angeles County. At slower speeds, the wave becomes hollow enough for barrel riding. At faster speeds the wave becomes a  perfect wall of water supporting most surfing maneuvers including nose riding and bottom turns for long boarders; and endless pumping, floaters, off the lips and aerials for short boarders.

It is the perfect surf alternative to long flat spells or crowded conditions, and provides a great opportunity to practice and improve your surfing skills, and to test new equipment.

Our wave machine is actually a special, patent pending, heavy lower hull that extends from the bottom of a large skiff style boat. It's precision shape and contour results in a beautiful surfable wave face far behind the transom. The main distinction of our patent pending design is that the wave breaks much farther back when compared to the top-of-the-line wakeboard boats that are used for that purpose today. It is a powerful, vertical wave face that is indistinguishable from a quality wave you would ride at Malibu Point or Rincon Point.

This is a step up from wake surfing as you may already be familiar with. You don't need to use a special wide flat surfboard. This is a quality wave where you will want to use your favorite surfboard to practice a variety of maneuvers that you would perform at you favorite point break.



We are finished testing and have finalized the overall design of our lower hull based on the results from our 10th prototype that we have built. The scale is 1 to 12. The video above shows the results in action. We pull this manually and take the video from the transom. The boat is 40 inches long and 15 inches wide.



Our next planned prototype is actually a full scale lake boat, but we consider it a 2 to 3 scale boat compared to our ocean/large bay prototype, The Holy Grail (see next section). It will be 27 feet long, 8.5 feet wide with a simple method of expanding the hull to 10 feet wide (patent pending). It will be trailerable. It will produce a 3 foot wave 22 feet behind the transom. We need funding to build this prototype.



Our full scale surf boat will be 40 feet long and 15 feet wide. This is the one that will put out a 4.5 to 5 foot perfect wave, similar to that well known wave in Lemoore, California. It breaks 33 feet behind the transom! We need funding for this project as well.



We envision surf charters all over the world, wherever there is flat water that is at least 25 feet deep. Places like the Mediterranean Sea, all around Florida, the Gulf Coast, Key West, the Virgin Islands, the Great Lakes, etc. where surfers can surf perfect waves on demand.

The cost should be significantly less than surfing at those upcoming wave parks because the only new technology is the hull shape and we don't have to create wave pools! Any operator can purchase our blueprints and license, then operate a charter on his own terms.

And the wave is endless. At a surf park, you will be lucky to spend 4 minutes of wave face time for who knows how much money. With our wave machine you can ride for miles or for as long as your legs hold out!

We are inviting 1 or more key partners to join us in this dream and fund our projects. We are hoping to get started with The Next Prototype and The Holy Grail in Southern California.




Anyone who has ever been an avid surfer knows that the sport of surfing is the most crowded sport on earth. You wait sometimes for weeks for the surf to finally come up, then drive to one of the better surf spots, and find 40+ surfers out competing for waves. Sometimes you have to consider yourself lucky just to get 4 or 5 waves in a one hour session. For an intermediate-skilled surfer, the results can be worse.

Even if the surf happens to be uncrowded, you will spend most of your time just sitting, waiting for a set, paddling out, and getting caught inside. In fact, it is estimated that about 97% of your time will be spent NOT surfing! 

Imagine your perfect situation for surfing. You are alone or with 1 or 2 friends. The waves are perfect, lined up, 200 yards long with only one 30 second interval every 5 minutes (to allow for paddling out). Constant perfect waves. THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE CREATED with MileLongWave, except for 2 extra benefits. First the wave is endless. Second, the amount of paddling time is substantially reduced.

The purests will say, "but surfing is much more than just riding waves. It's about being in nature, duck diving, waiting and positioning for the perfect wave, and long hard paddles." We disagree.

We believe surfing is about ripping on a perfect wave face, getting barreled, high speed pumping, floaters, off the lips, aerials, bottom turns and even 360s. For long boarders it includes long nose rides and sweeping stylish turns.

Surfing is not paddling out through 10 piles of whitewash, waiting for sets during long lulls, watching other surfers get the wave you want, jockeying for position in a crowded line up, getting caught inside, getting swept down the beach in a side current, etc. Those are all the things you have to do to get those few seconds of joy on the wave face, the place you really want to be. 

So we invented an affordable floating wave machine that gives the surfer what he or she wants, astonishing wave face time with rides that last for miles and a platform to perform endless surfing maneuvers.



Our floating wave machine is actually a large skiff-style boat with a deep heavy specially designed lower hull and oversized engine. It is wake surfing on steroids.

We have extensive experience in wake surfing. We operated one of the biggest and best wakeboard boats with 5000 pounds of ballast and custom alterations. We also experimented with our 30 foot fishing boat, adding massive ballast and wake surfing in the ocean. Our experience has taught us many things about producing the perfect wave behind a boat.

Wake surfing, as it is practiced now, is done behind wakeboard boats. The wave is generally 2.5 feet high or less, but is actually much more powerful than a 2.5 foot wave that you would ride in the ocean. That is why the more advanced wake surfers can launch aerials over 2 feet above the breaking part of the wave. This would be impossible on a 2.5 foot wave in the ocean.

With this excessive power comes a paradox. You would think that this excessive power would be a good thing. Scale it up, and it would be even better. However, with a standard style wakeboard boat or fishing boat hull, you can't scale it up to 3.5 or 4 feet because the wave turns into Teahupoo. The wave is too steep, breaks too fast and has a lip that is about 1 foot thick. That is why you seldom see wake surfing done behind big boats. It just doesn't work very well.

We spent many hours surfing behind our fishing boat. The hull was similar in shape to our wakeboard boat. With this experience we came to the conclusion that we needed a hull designed specifically for wake surfing in order to make the big boat work.

A standard big boat hull has two basic flaws that we were able to overcome. The changes we made to the standard hull are substantial, yet simple and are fully described in our patent application that was filed in October, 2020. The result is a long perfect clean wave face with a perfect curl, similar to Malibu Point, breaking far behind the transom.



Look around any harbor and you will see hundreds of 30 to 50 foot yachts and fishing boats. These boats are generally only good for two things, cruising and fishing.

With our special hull that turns an ordinary boat into a "surf boat", the boat owner can cruise, fish and surf perfect waves on demand. The size of the wave depends on the size of the boat. A 40 foot yacht can produce a 5 foot wave. A 48 foot yacht can produce a 6 foot wave.

The only disadvantage to a surf boat is that the top speed and fuel efficiency will be slightly diminished compared to a standard boat of similar size.

The cost of buying a surf boat will actually be about the same as buying a commercial fishing boat. The hull has a special shape and contains water ballast tanks. It also requires a more powerful engine. To compensate for these increased costs the owner/surfer can forgo some of the luxury items on board, and end up spending the same amount of money.

In fact, for a boat enthusiast who is also a surfer who was going to buy a yacht anyway, the cost of a wave machine is close to zero. He gets all of the benefits of cruising and fishing that he was going to get anyway, and also now gets to ride endless perfect waves whenever he wants.

Of course, to make this happen, we need to sell and license our design to existing yacht builders. We plan to market our concept after our prototypes are built and fully tested.

As avid surfers here at milelongwave, we look around our local harbor and simply can't believer our eyes. All of these big boats, all of this money invested, and for what? Just cruising and fishing? You've got to be kidding! Every one of them could have been designed for surfing too.



We want to bring quality ocean style surfing to the world and to profit from our "outside the box" hull design. We would like to license our design to yacht and boat builders throughout the U.S. and beyond. We want to include 1 or more partners to help us develop​ and profit from our patent rights. Please email us at if you would like to invest in our concept.



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